Smart exercise programs

built for you

WHO YOU ARE, WHERE you LIVE, and what you want to achieve

They have an intelligent approach to health and fitness.
I am in the best shape of my life because of working with them and listening to their advice.
— Darcy D.


You are unique. Your exercise program should reflect that.

A decade of business and literally thousands of clients have taught us this: programs that match the individual win in the long run. Those that don’t, fail. It’s that simple.

A smart exercise program matches:

WHO YOU ARE. That means your ability level, likes and dislikes, and schedule and time constraints.

WHERE YOU LIVE (and where you exercise). That means your home carpet, apartment or work gym, and in the great outdoors.

WHAT YOU WANT. That means your specific physical (weight, bodyfat, muscular development, etc) and performance goals (strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, post-rehab focal points, etc).

How do we fit in?

  • We're a team of fundamentally qualified, experienced personal trainers who see the big picture

  • We start by understanding who you are and what you want to achieve

  • We plan for where you workout

  • We build your exercise road-map to achieving your goals

  • We deliver it by teaching in person, providing visual resources to reference, and addressing all questions and feedback

  • We don’t complicate matters with any hidden fees, memberships, or long-term traps

It’s our mission to make you relentless anywhere!

See you soon -

Team Relentless

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45-Minute Goals Consult

45-Minute Physical Assessment

60-Minute Exercise Program Delivery

Detailed Plan PDFs with Visuals

4 Full Weeks of Email Feedback Q&A

$450 Total


(For those who want more time and attention throughout the Relentless Anywhere process)

Add 1x/Week Personal Training (4, 45-Minute Sessions):

$750 Total

Add 2x/Week Personal Training (8, 45-Minute Sessions):

$1,000 Total

Add 3x/Week Personal Training (12, 45-Minute Sessions):

$1,250 Total


(For those who have completed Relentless Anywhere and want a fresh iteration)

60-Minute Update Consult and Physical Assessment

60-Minute Extension Program Delivery

Detailed Plan PDFs and Visuals

2 Full Weeks of Email Feedback Q&A

$300 Total

Giving 100% to a program that is sustainable and that works for you is much better than half-assing it on a program that is deemed “perfect” by so-called experts (think BeachBody, P90X, etc.).
— Jeff G.


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