what brought you to relentless fitness?

I have been working in Philadelphia's theatre and dance scene since 2013. I have worked with a traveling children's theatre dance company, Enchantment Theatre, for the past two years, doing outreach work and performing nationally.

Through my work with children at inner city Philadelphia schools, I became interested in helping children express themselves artistically and physically, through story-telling, dance, and movement. It has been very exciting for me to work and play with the children attending classes here at Relentless, and to learn from watching the wonderful coaches that work here.


What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness means having the energy to be physically curious about the world around me. It means incorporating movement into my daily routine, through biking to work, through dancing with friends, and through challenging myself to find new means of movement in rehearsals. Fitness means eating food that gives me energy and hydrating myself. Fitness means that my most rewarding and memorable parts of my day are never when I'm sitting down.


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hobbies outside of Relentless:

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I am a working theatre artist, and am frequently in rehearsal for new projects. I like working on physically challenging and abstract work, children's shows, installations, solo shows, and new ideas. I use performance to be politically active, and have an ongoing project protecting patients of affordable women's clinics. I am always collaborating and contributing with and to other local artists and performers.


I earned my Bachelors in Fine Arts in collaborative performance from the University of the Arts and have trained the London Dramatic Academy, the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, and the Headlong Performance Institute. I have been working with and performing for children since 2013 through Enchantment Theatre Company.


What excites you about Relentless?

I am constantly humbled and admiring the coaches' devotion and intensity to the kids that come in for classes. Watching the children excited to learn how to be stronger has been so exhilarating, and helping push them towards new skills is my favorite thing about working here.