the monstars

relentless fitness's competitive gymnastics team

The MonSTARS is an INVITE ONLY program that scouts out strength, flexibility, good technique, positive attitudes, good sportsmanship, commitment and kindness.

We always have our eyes peeled for team ready gymnasts. Because our gym is small, our team attendance is limited, but we try to make room for anyone who we feel is truly prepared! Remember, your daughter is always part of the Relentless Team, competitive or not!


I am a new gymnastics mom and know nothing of the sport, the competitions, the training sessions etc. I requested a meeting with Toni and she patiently answered all of my questions, eased my mind about some concerns I had... She is a wonderful teacher and person and I can tell how much my daughter enjoys the class just by the look on her face when I pick her up.
— Monica H.
You made such a big impact in my life; it’s indescribable. I want to be the great leader that I know I can be, and that you believe I can be. I know it will be extremely hard, but just hearing your voice in my head β€” I know I can do this. There is ABSOLUTELY NO coach in the WHOLE ENTIRE world that can be better than you, and I mean it.
— Maria, age 12




Bars: Jade, Eleni, Giada, Alice, Sophia
Beam: Eleni, Giada, Lily, Ozzie, Alice, Sophia
Floor: Ozzie, Lily, Sophia, Eleni
ALL AROUND: Sophia, Eleni, Alice


Vault: Giada, Jade, Sophia
Bars: Lily, Simone, Ozzie
Beam: Giada, Sammi, Sylvia, Lucia, Jade, Alice, Brianna
Floor: Brooke, Jade
ALL AROUND: Lily, Jade, Giada


Vault: Brianna, Emma
Bars: Emma
Beam: Amy, Brianna, Emma
Floor: Lucia, Emma
ALL AROUND: Brianna, Amy, Sienna and Emma



Floor: Lily
Beam: Alice


Floor: Alice, Brooke
Bars: Lily, Sophia
Beam: Sophia

PAST Regional Championship Top 5 Standouts

  • 2015 Floor 4th Place/ 27 girls: Sammi Jokelson
  • 2015 Beam 5th Place/ 47 girls: Sophia Rosser

PAST State championship top 3 standouts

  • 2014 Floor & Beam Champion, Bars Silver Medalist, Vault
    Bronze Medalist & All-Around State Champion: Sophia Rosser
  • 2015 Floor State Champion: Brooke Carrier
  • 2015 Vault State Champion: Giada DeJesse
  • 2015 Floor State Champion: Sophia Rosser

team info


We train between 1.5 – 7 hours per week and compete in 4 to 9 competitions per season including State and Regional Championships. 

Competitive gymnastics is a year-round sport.


  • Each level's tuition runs from $250 – $350 per month
  • Competition uniform is $250
  • Each competition (4 – 9 per year) is around $100 – $125
  • USAIGC Sign-up is $35

Rough Total: $2,500 – $5,000+ per year

rules and regulations

We compete under the USAIGC rules and regulations. Feel free to check out their website here.

get in touch

If you have more questions about the MonSTARS Gymnastics Team, please email our coaches, Marissa or Toni, or call us: 215-351-6260.


In 2013, Marissa and Toni decided to start a competitive gymnastics team. With 6 girls and roughly 500 square feet (as opposed to between 6,000 – 15,000) our team still took 3rd place at State Championships and turned out an All-Around State Champion!

Here's a shoutout to all our 2018-2019 Season MonSTARS:

  • Copper 2: Annie, Stella, Yuval, Amelia, Addie
  • Bronze: Lila, Chloe, Amy, Emma, Alina, Sammi, Sylvia, Sloane, Jade, Sienna, Marina, Ellie, Riley
  • Silver: Eleni, Alice, Simone, Giada