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For kids who thrive in social settings, or are looking to make friends and have a blast. Our gymnastics classes are fun and offer a way to stay fit and learn new skills.

private training

For kids who want focused one-on-one training to strengthen their skills. Our undivided attention, program planning and execution are devoted entirely to your child.


Our 60-minute clinics are designed to help kids achieve new skills. These monthly workshops are intensive, faster paced, and will progress your gymnasts toward success.



Our award-winning team, the MonSTARS, trains in the Relentless gym several times per week and is invite-only. We're always scouting for truly prepared girls, though, so please check out this fun and rigorous program!


Why settle for a normal birthday party when your child could have a Relentless Birthday Party!? Combine awesome party games with a fully functional gym and top it all off with a dance party! It'll make for an unforgettable day.


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a half-day or a full-day filled with indoor and outdoor activities. This camp is for kids ages 3 (all kids must be potty-trained) to 12 and accommodates all ability levels. Available during the school year and summer.

our philosophy

Kid Relentless was designed to introduce fitness and the sport of gymnastics to children of all ages and allow them to gain self-esteem and self-confidence. Our mission is to see kids stand tall, proud of themselves, and strong — both inside and out.  Recognizing childhood obesity as a problem in our society, we aim to pass on healthy lifestyle habits and become a positive
example for youth.

Our programming begins with physical education and movement, but we take a holistic approach to coaching. We pride ourselves on assessing the entire child with his or her own personality and needs. The lessons and skills learned in the gym make a difference in the lives of our children and families.  We believe that everyone has the ability to be great, and with the right support they will thrive in all areas of life!

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