Tell us about your experience in the fitness industry.

Although I've been a member in gyms for most of my life, my first job in the fitness industry was during undergraduate school. I worked at a small gym where I started as a front desk attendant and eventually moved up to a manager position. I worked at another gym in a similar capacity while I was in graduate school.

Not long after school, I decided that I wanted to be a personal trainer and began my training career at a Gold's Gym in suburban Baltimore. I then moved to Philadelphia and worked as a trainer at a mid-sized gym for several years.

As of today, I have eight years of experience as a personal trainer and over a decade of experience working in the fitness industry. 

How about as an athlete?

My first sport was Baseball, which I played at a very young age, but decided after a couple of years it was not for me. I also briefly ran Track and Field in grade school (my event was the 400 meter). Football was my first true sport. I played two years of Pop Warner football and went on to play in high school. As a teenager, I did a lot of growing early, and at that time I played Tight End and Defensive Line.

Later in high school when my teammates started to catch up to me in size, I transitioned to Wide Receiver. In college I started playing Basketball, and have since played in many intramural leagues and regularly play pick up. I also am a decent Snowboarder and somewhat recently began playing Tennis. 

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The human body is fascinating, and I love using exercise science to explore and understand it on a daily basis. However, I think that the real enjoyment comes from the ability to make a difference in people's lives. And yes I mean helping clients achieve their goals, but I find the real difference comes when fitness becomes an integrated part of lifestyle. When I can really connect with a client and get them to a place where they see that regular exercise improves their quality of life, that's where the true reward comes.


I had a client who, when she came to me, was in a challenging part of her life: she was overweight, working in a stressful career, and struggling to find a connection in her romantic life. The early stages of her training were tough and progress came slow, but after a few months we saw a significant improvement in her body composition and strength. More importantly, she started commenting on how she 'felt better'. Over the next year or so I saw her make some very strong positive choices for her life, including eating better and working less hours.

Today, several years later, she is super strong, has her body composition under control, is retired, and happily married. Obviously I only had a direct impact on her fitness, but she has repeatedly told me that overcoming her obstacles at the gym has influenced the larger changes in her life. And to be, at least in some capacity, part of her transformation has been one of the most humbling and proudest accomplishments of my training career.

ARE you originally from philly? if not, where did you grow up?

I am originally from Southern California. I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in a suburb called Temecula, which is between Los Angeles and San Diego. After living in the Sacramento area and Baltimore, I moved to Philadelphia in 2010.

WHAT DO You like to do in your spare time?

I love hanging with friends, watching sports (especially NFL and NBA), going to concerts, and summer beach time. You can frequently find me playing at the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf course at 33rd and Girard in Fairmount Park. I also recently got into regular Golf. 

What is a fun fact about you?

I am a musician, a singer. I hold a bachelor's and master's degree in vocal performance and have performed in concerts and operas locally and nationwide.