personal training

What makes
relentless special?

Simply Put: We out-care the competition.

Our philosophy revolves around customization. As soon as you walk in the door, we work to understand and deliver on your specific needs. This ranges from matching your ideal schedule as closely as possible, all the way to providing guidance on workouts outside of our sessions.

We are relentlessly in your corner.

I recently did a ten-week personal training program and cannot say enough good things about my experience. I lost over 10lbs, 5 inches around my waist, and a saw a reduction in almost every body part in body fat percentage. The training is fun and keeps you on your toes. I cannot recommend the program more!
— Kevin H.



Single Session = $70
5 Pack = $325  ($65/session)
10 Pack = $600  ($60/session)

2-Person Single Session = $90
2-Person 5 Pack = $425  ($85/session)
2-Person 10 Pack = $800  ($80/session)

30-minute sessions

Single Session = $55
5 Pack = $250  ($50/session)
10 Pack = $450  ($45/session)

2-Person Single Session = $70
2-Person 5 Pack = $325  ($65/session)
2-Person 10 Pack = $600  ($60/session)

new clients receive a free 30-minute consultation!


Everything at Relentless begins with a FREE 30-minute consultation, during which we meet live, discuss your goals, and determine a best fit. We’ll discuss your background, your goals and aspirations, your likes and dislikes, injury history, and so much more. This helps us do what we do best – customize a training plan specifically for you!


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cancellation policy

We have the best policy in the business. It’s called the “Relentless 2-for-1.”

If you will miss a session, let us know by 10:00pm the night before. If you fail to do so, you unfortunately lose the session.

Here’s the fun part: If we miss a session, we give you 2 sessions back. Do you know anyone else who does that?

We didn’t think so.