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see you in 2017 for a full triathlon season!

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2017 Races and Details Coming Soon

 Check out Team Relentless in the 2010 Metro Dash in the meantime!

team relentless triathlon training

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What to expect? 

My comprehensive triathlon group training will focus on a foundation of technique, endurance and speed. We will break down each discipline independently before combining swim-to-bike and bike-to-run workouts to prepare participants for their specific event.  Workouts will adopt a periodization scheme to maximize the athlete's potential, while ensuring proper recovery for long-term adaptations. Participants in this class will be fully prepared for race day!

Why train with me? 

I am a USAT certified coach and have been competing in triathlons since 1999. Along the road, I have experienced both the thrill of personal victory and the disappointment of defeat, which has further fueled my drive to be the best I can be — both as a coach and competitor. I was a competitive swimmer in college and a movement science major, and then applied my expertise to swim coaching, both individuals and teams. Personal training has educated me to devised innumerable periodization programs to help clients train and peak at race time. I started coaching triathlon in 2008 and have helped many athletes at different skill levels get ready for their races and feel that my knowledge, experience, and motivational tools can help any committed athlete train and succeed at the wonderful sport of triathlon. 

training options

5 Small-Group
Triathlon Training Sessions

5-Pack = $175
Drop-In = $40 each

Saturday Mornings (9:30 – 11:00)
Begins Saturday, March 26
Maximum of 6 Trainees per Group

Customized Sprint or Olympic
Triathlon Training Plan

One-Time Fee

30-Minute Consultation
8-Week Plan, Detailing 4 Workouts/Week
*Inquire about Ironman Plans and Training*

triathlon dates

2017 dates coming soon

our purpose



In 2013 Marissa volunteered in Camden, NJ and met this amazing group of teenagers and its leader, Steve Liberati. In 2014 we had the opportunity to fund 20 teenagers to attend the Spartan Race with us and Roger had a chance to spend a lot of hours with the Club in NJ.

In 2016 our goal is to impact the kids far beyond just race day itself. One month for a Steve’s Club teen costs $25. This allows them to come in after school each and every day of the week for hours of fitness and positive mentorship, affording them an incredible opportunity.

20 kids + 120 months

Our target is to fund 20 Steve's Club kids on Spartan Race day plus 120 months of fitness for them that last far beyond. 120 months works out to a full half-year per funded teen.

we're so, so grateful for your support!

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why team relentless?

1. We were the biggest team in attendance last year at 60+, and we have the best community. (Yeah, we're biased.)

2. Our training groups will prepare you step-by-step for the race by combining strength, endurance, obstacle and mock race prep.

3. You’ll train alongside a diverse collection of all ability-levels and under the care of a diverse collection of trainers, with a host of specialties.

4. Our race strategies and tips roll out weekly to your email inbox.

5. We have an exclusive workout series being posted on Philly.com for your success outside the studio.

6. We’ve partnered with the best non-profit in existence (yes, again we’re biased). Who wouldn’t want to help at-risk youth via fitness and strong role modeling?

7. You’ll get a sweet race shirt to rock on Spartan day and beyond.

8. You’re invited to a monster post-Spartan party. After all, a strong race warrants celebration!

9. We’ll be having fun along the way and releasing all sorts of challenges with goodies attached.

10. We’re relentless.