Daily Strength Challenge: Push-ups

Daily anchors are a simple, low effort way to make your fitness a consistent priority. Piling up small wins each day leads to much bigger things in the long-term.


Push-up challenge

Step 1: Perform a max set of push-ups.

Step 2: Divide that number by 3.

Step 3: Every day this month, rain or shine, home or travel, perform that number of push-ups with pristine form!

(Tip: Pick something you do every day - like brushing your teeth - and set your anchor around it.)

Push-up Variations

To rock our challenge, you simply have to do the above on the daily. However, for those that like variations, we hit you with a new push-up each week to keep it fresh. Follow our Instagram account directly to catch them hot off the presses.

February Week One: Basic Push-ups (with regression options)

February Week Two: Negative Push-ups

February Week Three: T-Rotation Push-ups

February Week Four: Hindu Push-ups (aka Dive Bomber Push-ups)


We have a monthly mobility challenge that emphasizes the areas worked by these strength moves. Incorporate this month’s Chest and Shoulder Mobility to balance your push-up work.