Daily Strength Challenge: Bridge Raises

Daily anchors are a simple, low effort way to make your fitness a consistent priority. Piling up small wins each day leads to much bigger things in the long-term.


Bridge Raise Challenge

Step 1: Every day this month, rain or shine, home or travel, perform 10 bridge raises with pristine form!

Step 2: If you miss a day, double up the next day. Do not skip / make up for more than one day at a time.

Step 3: Want variety? Check back each week for a different type of bridge to incorporate!

(Tip: Pick something you do every day - like brushing your teeth - and set your anchor around it.)

Bridge Variations

To rock our challenge, you simply have to do the above on the daily. However, if you’d rather keep it fresh, here are your weekly variations. Follow our Instagram account to catch them hot off the presses.

March Week One: Bridge Raise

March Week Two: Single Leg, Bent Knee Bridge Raise

March Week Three: Single Leg, Straight Leg Bridge Raise

March Week Four: Single Leg, Crossed Leg Bridge Raise


We have a monthly mobility challenge that emphasizes the areas worked by these strength moves. Incorporate this month’s Hip Extension Mobility with your Bridge work.