What Brought you to Relentless Fitness?

I met Roger in ’08 when he became a personal trainer for me at Philadelphia Sports Clubs (PSC). After we left PSC, we continued to work together a few times a week to host outdoor bootcamps. I was working at Weston Fitness but once Roger opened Relentless it was just a matter of time before we would again work together full-time. It’s a place where every member and every employee matters. It’s refreshing to work for a company where the client truly is the #1 priority. Between the community, our Transformation program, and kids gymnastics it is a thrill to come to work everyday.

What Does Fitness mean to you?

Fitness keeps us feeling great, looking great, and living a longer injury- and disease-free lifestyle. It gives us the self esteem to confidently deal with our complex lives and releases hormones that improve our moods and increase our ability to cope with stress. Fitness is a passionate word that instills energy to master any exercise and complete any race to the best of our ability.

Hobbies outside of training:

When I’m not training clients or teaching classes you can find me hanging out with my dogs, my wife, and my two beautiful daughters. I’m typically chasing Fiona around with Elin in my arms. Life is definitely busy but I enjoy it! I spend some focused time also training for sprint and Olympic triathlons. I love the beach, traveling to exciting
new places, and generally enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer.

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NASM CPT,  MadDog Spin, Kettlebell certified, USA Level 1 Triathlon coach, FMS level 1 trainer

What would you say to a person who’s thinking about training with you?

I train people to succeed and to feel great about their fitness accomplishments. I believe in functional, integrated strength-training involving compound movements. My favorite tools of the trade are the TRX band, kettle bells and body weighttraining.  I don’t believe in the “no pain, no gain” mentality. Instead, I use a systematic approach to progress a client toward their goals once their foundations are built. I am a task manager and pay particular attention to rest intervals, so expect to be challenged and expect results!

My specialty is race training, so if you want to train for a triathlon, obstacle course or anything in between, I’m your trainer.