What Brought you to Relentless Fitness?

I lived in NJ my whole life and I really wanted to get a feel of the city atmosphere. There’s a certain energy in the city — a movement and drive that attracted me and when I met Marissa, she had that same energy. Relentless likes to get things done, and get them done the right way. I like that about us.

What Does Fitness mean to you?

Feeling good! And not feeling good because you’re in a gym, sweating and pushing yourself to a point of collapse — what I mean is feeling good during every other part of the day, when you’re NOT in the gym. Mentally and physically, living a fit lifestyle just feels right.

Hobbies outside of training:

I love adventures — traveling and camping and doing new things and being in new places. I like checking things off a list and moving on to the next... Whitewater rafting, skydiving, going to Europe; check, check, check. And my family! I love my family!

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What would you say to a person who’s thinking about training with you?

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I’ve always had a hard time selling myself, honestly… I like to be who I am and I like my gymnasts/clients to be who they are without judgment — finding their strengths and confronting their weaknesses and feeling good about it. If there’s one thing I know I can do, I can help you overcome self-doubt and help you be brave. I want everyone to just feel good and have the cofidence to be true to who they are!