Remember how fit you were at 20 years old? I do. But I’m healthier and fitter now…at 38.
Eight weeks to erase eighteen years? No brainer.
— Keith M.

how it works



The infrastructure of a successful Transformation is distributed. We use these 2 weeks to digest, plan, and prime for action.



8 weeks of daily messages, education, recipes, workouts, Relentless actions, and past Transformer tips and strategies.



The Transformation is lifelong. We use these 2 weeks to position and prepare for longterm success.


the five transformation pillars

we take a holistic approach to fitness, resulting in
a well rounded training program, custom-fit to you.

How to move to affect physical change.

How to move to affect physical change.

How to power down and relax.

How to power down and relax.

How to eat to complement your movement.

How to eat to complement your movement.

How to tie it all together with a relentless state of mind.

How to tie it all together with a relentless state of mind.

How to maximize your recovery.

How to maximize your recovery.


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how to get started

Participate virtually from anywhere
or locally from Philadelphia


you get:

  • "Transition" Content
  • Daily Support Content
  • Our Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Live Coaching and Private Audio Firestarters (Alternating Weeks)

local mega

you get:

  • All "Virtual" Access
  • 16/7 Open Access and Holistic Planning
  • Start + Finish Strategy Meetings
  • 1x/Week Personal Training
  • 1x/Week Group Training

local optimus

you get:

  • All "Virtual" Access
  • 16/7 Open Access and Holistic Planning
  • Start + Finish Strategy Meetings
  • 2x/Week Personal Training
  • Unlimited Group Training

Payment plans are available: halves, quarterly, or custom. We'll work with you — just ask!

A $250 deposit holds your spot. Make your deposit here.

the results

speak for themselves

Brian S.

GOALS: Build strength,
reduce body-fat

Carley B.

GOALS: Lose weight,
reduce body-fat,
improve back health

Nicole P.

GOALS: Reduce body-fat,
clean bodyweight pull-up

Lori H.

GOALS: Reduce body-fat,
improve general athleticism

more than
three hundred people
have transformed



“I went into Transformation half hoping to debunk the diet component of the program and half looking to change up my workout routine. Roger schooled me and I now recognize the impact of a quality diet on my body composition and wellbeing. 14 lbs, 6% body fat, and a shredded physique in 8 weeks…well worth the investment of time and energy. The return on that investment was HUGE!”
Roger’s writing is engaging, clear, and taps in to both your common sense and the heart of what is holding you back on your path to better health. As a lifelong exercise-phobe, and someone who is skeptical about “fad” diets, I found Roger’s approach to both movement and eating to make it easy and feasible to make changes that I believed in, without having to force myself to believe in things I didn’t.”




“I was as skeptical as they come when I learned of some of the people who raved about the Transformation, but after going through it for the past eight weeks, I am definitely drinking the ‘Transformation kool-aid’. It was a fantastic experience for me, and I will take the nutritional knowledge and exercise fundamentals that I gained from this program on with me for the rest of my life.”
“The Transformation has been a life-changer for me. I have found my way back to a happier, healthier person, and I am more in tune with my body than I ever have been before. I have taken the diet as a challenge to create new meals and eating habits, and I have had fun doing so. I have also found my way to enjoying a good workout (something that hasn’t happened for YEARS). Eight weeks ago, I'd have thought it impossible to obtain these physical results!”


the details


First, make your $250 deposit for the program that suits you (listed above).
Then, reach out to us! Use the form below or call us at 215-351-6260.

cancellation/refund policy

If you reconsider your purchase or are unsatisfied with the program, tell us within the first TWO WEEKS, and you'll receive a full refund. No questions asked.

referral bonus

If you refer a friend to the Virtual Program, you receive a $50 discount.
If you refer a friend to either of the Local Programs, you receive a $100 discount.
To claim, email with the details of your referral.
THANKS for spreading the love!

Content Delivery

All text content will be delivered through email (for convenience and immediate usability). The e-books and daily content will be in PDF form; live coaching sessions via dial-in or computer log-in; coaching recordings and podcasts in MP3 form; and videos via a private YouTube link.

accessing content

Once delivered, all content is yours to keep forever. There's no time-limit on utilizing any resources we share with you. The program is about short-term results AND long-term sustainability.

is the program worth the money?

Unquestionably, yes. However, let me make it clear that I completely respect the significance of the investment. This is a process that requires commitment. I personally committed to you in producing the best, most inspiring, most usable content, and I will go over and above in continuing to do so. At the conclusion of the Transformation, I want each and every one of you to look in the mirror and say “I would have spent many multiples of the cost.” As a frame of reference, the 12-week From Anywhere Transformation price ballparks around the cost of TWO personal training session at a large scale gym, the cost of 2+ months of Starbucks coffee (1 cup a day), or the cost of a nice meal and drinks at an upscale restaurant. This CRUSHES the training sessions’ results, energizes you more than a lifetime of coffee, and leaves you tightening your belt, not unbuttoning your pants for breathing room.

the inspiration

resources even before you begin


read the transformation introduction

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A personal hello
from Roger

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